SOUL’s Foray into AIGC Betters its Smart Chatbot

As data accrues, computing power increases, and algorithms iterate, AIGC (AI-Generated Content) has come to the forefront of innovation across multiple industries. Since 2022, considered as the beginning of the AIGC boom, many enterprises have rolled out impressive AIGC applications. Soul App launched the customizable, multimodal chatbot “AI Goudan”, which propelled it into the spotlight as the latest wave of social media evolution.

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The company has relentlessly driven the development of AIGC and built up its portfolio of AI technologies such as smart conversation, image generation, and voice interaction. This resulted in the successful launch of AI chatbot “Goudan” in 2022, SOUL’s proprietary large language model which includes 13 billion different parameters and is trained on hundreds of billions of high-quality tokens which mainly consist of conversational data. With the addition of a persona customization feature on the social platform, users can now reconfigure Goudan’s characteristics, such as age, gender, and hobbies, by simply inputting a persona description. After customization, they can experience a personalized chat with their own version of Goudan.

In addition, SOUL has adapted Goudan to a diverse range of social occasions on the platform, such as a game or group chat, rendering it an eloquent “social butterfly” in any scenario. For example, Goudan can share intriguing posts, strike up an engaging conversation, and make witty comments on others’ posts. Like a faithful old friend, it also remembers past dialogues with each user and brings them up in future conversations. Going forward, the AI chatbot is expected to develop more capabilities, such as making multi-party conversations and integrating with other in-app activities. Furthermore, new virtual characters are likely to be developed with their own distinctive looks which can adjust to fit different social occasions.

In the second half of 2023, technology enablement will remain a priority for many social media players. SOUL has revealed its plan to accelerate investment in AIGC, with a focus on enhancing virtual avatars’ conversational skills and content creation, including text posts, images, and songs. It will also look to take exchanges between AI and users to the next level by upgrading its digital avatars into a versatile chatroom hosts, capable of engaging users using different gestures, facial expressions, and voices. By harnessing the power of AIGC, SOUL envisions to develop itself into a platform where real users can truly connect with avatars.

Leveraging innovative product design, gamified social scenarios, an enriched platform ecosystem, and now increasingly advanced AIGC technology, SOUL has drawn in more and more Gen-Z users. Looking ahead, it will continue to optimize its product offering and user experience in a way that provides a safe, immersive online social community filled with warmth.