Soul App and WABC Host Charity Painting Exhibition to Paint an Inclusive Canvas for “Children of the Stars”

In the midst of this freezing winter, Soul App and WABC Shanghai Art Way Foundation have sparked much-needed warmth, with a charity exhibition featuring paintings by children with autism and cute furry decorations, as a message of kindness. Through this special event, Soul also aims to promote greater public awareness and inclusivity of autism.

The paintings on display were all created by autistic children, also known in China as “children of the stars”. The theme of the pictures varies, but all are bursting with the vigor and enthusiasm of their artists. They have now been digitalized by Soul as creative merchandise and the proceeds will be donated to WABC in support of autistic children.

The charity exhibition, titled “Painting Away Loneliness Fur-ever”, open from 18th to 25th December on No.794 Julu Road in Shanghai, takes visitors on a journey to the worlds of the paintings crafted by autistic children and to a cozy, tranquil space festooned with plush materials and stuffed toys. After all, everyone may feel loneliness melting away in the face of kindness and emotional connection. This perfectly echoes the aspiration of Soul to “May there be no lonely people in the world”.


For Soul users unable to make it to the exhibition in person, they could also participate by discussing under the hashtag #Melt Loneliness Together and appreciating the paintings virtually on the platform, to melt away the winter cold with their friendliness.

Dispelling Isolation with Soul at the Intersection of Art and Philanthropy

With every new star that shines, the whole galaxy becomes more splendid. Likewise, when more people make an effort to help, children of the stars will shine brighter.

These young artists have given free rein to their imagination in their paintings: The setting sun burns orange in the sky, which is reflected off the sea, with hues of amber and gold shimmering and dancing over its watery surface; a unique star twinkles bright in a mesmerizing cosmic sky; the Earth floats like a colorful balloon and gives off radiant energy across the universe; as the Milky Way merges with a symphony, an exciting concert played by stars is unfolding on the canvas; the view from the window looks serene and expansive, stretching all the way to the wilderness and the starry night…

图片2.png Each painter has their own stories and creative styles. Yangyang, for example, has developed a strong personal style. An active participant in community activities, Ah Ye expresses his love for life through his paintings. Jielin, who exhibits some savant skills, has an imaginative memory for time and space.

To promote public awareness of autistic children, and enable them to express themselves in their own ways, Soul and WABC have digitalized ten paintings into creative products for a special sale to spread a message of love, with the proceeds going to WABC. Purchasers will receive a postcard reproduced from the painting they choose, as well as a donation certificate.

In addition to online fundraising, the physical space dedicated to the “Painting Away Loneliness Fur-ever” exhibition is adorned with fluffy decorations and ornaments alongside creative plush dolls. The warm and soothing atmosphere allows visitors to instantly loosen up and dispel lonely thoughts.

Soul also invites its users to visit the digital version of the exhibition. It has launched a dedicated in-app website page, which includes background information about the painters, imagery in their paintings and the emotions they represent. The platform also created the hashtag #Melt Loneliness Together, to encourage users to share and discuss their thoughts on the exhibition.

Soul intends this event as a bridge for children with autism or other developmental disorders to connect with the world while raising public awareness about them and sharing some easy ways to help.

The Gen Z-favored Platform Championing Charitable Activities

This is not the first time Soul has teamed up with WABC. Several years ago, Soul and WABC launched the “Different Socks Day” charity event to foster inclusion and acceptance among the public for people living with autism, cerebral palsy, and Down syndrome, as well as their families.

After that initial success, Soul and WABC continued their efforts, launching the art-for-charity “Special Doesn’t Mean Lonely” exhibition, the “Soul’s Happy Star Home” event, and the “Stars Meet Songs” online philanthropic music party, to weave love into the life of children of the stars.

WABC, established in 2016, is committed to organizing public advocacy campaigns and offering individuals living with developmental and intellectual disabilities free art therapy to improve their communication skills and help them integrate better into society.

As nearly 80% of its users are Gen Z and many of them have experience in volunteering and charity work, Soul has noticed that the younger generations care more about philanthropy. Hence, it focuses on initiating a wide range of activities to contribute to philanthropy, emerging as an important platform for young people to build friendships and extend kindness through charity efforts. Going forward, Soul App will continue to uphold warmth and goodwill on its platform as well as supporting more vulnerable communities.